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Semi-glossy and perfectly homogeneous ink; free from flocculations. Adheres to many substrates of cellulosic origin: cellulose acetate in sheet, cardboard, polystyrene (attention to the choice of diluents), PETG, methacrylate, Compact Disk, pre-painted aluminum etc. Especially formulated to adhere on polyolefins with a minimum surface tension of 39 DIN: polythene and polypropylene, polyvalent, priplack, overprint U.V. The adhesion on the polyolefin supports is maximum if the support is treated with corona treatment, flaming, plasma or other treatments aimed at raising the tension to values above 39 DIN. Catalysts and Primers specific for each application.

Ink based on selected and high quality cellulose resins. All components of 241 ECOPROP are in compliance with the REACH regulation (CE) n. 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemical substances and related updates and summaries. 241 ECOPROP complies with the ISO EN 71/9 regulation concerning the presence of hazardous solvents. The application of the ISO standard EN 71-3 2013 Category III - Scraped off materials, in force since 20 July 2013 and EN 71-9 provides for the execution of 19 control analyzes on the real presence of heavy metals in the preparation. The analyzes are released under the conditions expressed in the declaration. Consult the Quasar laboratory for further information.


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