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All metal surfaces, ferrous and non-ferrous, including also some plastic supports of thermoplastic origin, not sensitive to solvents, show traces of greases or presence of oil, siliconic and non-silicon, water based, animal or synthetic. This presence of pollutants, even if it is not evident, reduces the ability to crimp and fix of inks, overprinting power of and varnishes. Quasar srl has formulated 502 205 DEGREASER FOR METAL SPRAY to obtain a perfect degreasing of polluted surfaces. This product combines rapid use with low harmfulness. Its action is effective every kind of lubricating grease both animal and synthetic origin. Just a quick passage with a rag on ferrous or non-ferrous metals, anodized or raw, stainless steel, thermosetting surfaces, glass etc. is sufficient to obtain a deep and complete degreasing of the surface. The completely degreased surface helps a better anchorage of mono and two-component inks.

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