715 JET GLOSS Eco Solvent Ink

Specific ink for digital piezoelectric printers. Very shiny, brilliant appearance, without flocculations.

The base resins give the chemical adherence to many supports of thermoplastic origin: PVC both in sheet and in rigid or soft sheet, some inflatable PVC (little plasticized), pre-treated polyester with primer, adhesives in general, many imitation leather and sky , good adhesion on extruded methacrylate, objects in general, ABS, some types of polystyrene and some acetalics (with subsequent cooking at at least 90 ° C), some types of pre-varnished aluminum vinyl sheets also with cold drying, paper, cardboard, rough wood, some TNT, offset overprint and other supports still. Consider that the plastics, pure or mixed, are hundreds of thousands. In case of particular supports on which it is not possible to obtain a sufficient adherence, request the free consultation of our laboratory for the appropriate use of the numerous spray primers in production.

715 JET GLOSS has good external resistance in compliance with the deposited ink thickness values, depending on the resolution chosen. A higher resolution corresponds to a greater thickness of the final dry which increases its resistance. In the printing of materials subjected to high frequency welding, all the colors resist discreetly except for Black.

715 JET GLOSS Four-color process is currently produced in the 4 CMYK colors. The colorimetric curves of the ink adhere to the 2846 standard.

Read the Technical Data Sheet on the maintenance of Piezoelectric Digital Printer Heads


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